Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day seems to be the federal holiday that most of America has forgotten. I was in Washington DC for the weekend. 

I spent so long composing the shot above that security swept the place after I moved away. 

It’s a bit of a trek out to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial but the best view is from the Mall side anyway. Here it is just before sunset.

This is the underground walkway to the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art. 

Asheville, NC, Fall 2016

The fall leaf color was expected to peak this weekend, and while it is really colorful here, either I missed the peak or it’s not so great this year. Nevertheless, last night I was at my favorite spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a spectacular sunset. In this shot the sun just peeked out under the clouds and caught the tops of the ridges. 

One thing I didn’t anticipate this weekend was how cold it would be in the mountains. It was -4C on Mt Pisgah this morning. The red berries looked wonderful set off by a frosting on the mountain shrubs. 

Back to the Blue Ridge

I’m back in the Blue Ridge Mountains for the Memorial Day weekend. The weather is just right and the crowds haven’t arrived yet. 

From the top: The Pinnacle at Craggy Gardens, Grassy Falls and the Linville Viaduct. 

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