Southport, North Carolina

There was a 5am alarm call for this shot but it was such a spectacular dawn sky that it was worth the lack of sleep. These are private boat docks stretching out into the Cape Fear River.

The groovy pink and purple sky was a result of the camera white balance sensor getting confused presumably by the uniformity of the color. The actual sky was a bit more orange than this but I liked this version so much I left it uncorrected. 

That is a private dock but I really, really wanted to sit on that chair and watch the world sail by.


On a weekend trip to NYC earlier this year I wanted to go out and see the Statue of Liberty. I was too lazy to book a tour so I had the clever idea to ride the Staten Island ferry over and back. 

Unfortunately, 10,000 other people were equally clever and I found myself about five rows back from the side of the boat trying to get a glimpse of the old girl. There were so many people on the ferry that it was listing at an alarming angle. I was surprised they allowed people to all gather on one side like that. 

Also on this trip I photographed lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park just after the sun set. I have no idea what all those wooden stakes are doing in the water but they make for a great foreground. How much power does it take to keep all those lights on?

And the Brooklyn Bridge itself. Built in 1883. Why did they need such a wide bridge back then?

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